Songs of Kiguli ~ Poetry Anthology

Philip Matogo, an instructor at the Kiguli Army Primary School in Kampala, Uganda, began a journey with his students in 2012. By cooperating with PDMI Publishing, a small press in the United States, he was able to share the poetry of his students throughout Uganda and around the world. Before too long the project gained the attention of the public and the leadership of the African country and its neighbors. As the school’s reputation grew, Mr. Matogo was able to attract the participation of Robinswood Middle School, in Orlando, Florida. Through the efforts of teachers Katherine Rascoe and Cindy Marie, the Robinswood students exchanged poetry and greetings with the students in Kampala. Through that correpondence, the students of both schools learned much about each other: what they shared, and what set them apart. This publication showcases some of those insights as the Songs of Kiguli are joined by the voices of Orlando, Florida.

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