About Us

Writing and publishing ventures

We are a private company investing in selected publishing properties and services. Consultation is available for self-publishing; however the author bears the cost and responsibility of all editing and art. We do not solicit work in this area. For the most part, publications produced under the Citron Concasse’ or Lumen Anime label are works created by the owner, or were produced by close associates.

Lumen Anime translates loosely to: Light the Mind.

Contact us at citronconcasse@gmail.com

Consulting and accounting services

Through our affiliated company, Comp-Dyn, Inc., we offer consulting and accounting services. Details can be found on the company page located here.

Comp-Dyn, Inc. has added the ability to assist clients virtually through Quickbooks Online.


Contact us at vadams@comp-dyn.com

Victoria’s Reading Alcove

Victoria’s Reading Alcove provides information on the current status of published works of Victoria Adams. There are also a number of articles, reviews, and reflections related to the humanities, science, and caregiving.

Au Courant Press Journal

Au Courant Press Journal is an ezine developed  for the publishing and writing trades. Subjects covered include the art of writing, formatting, and publishing a book. There are also sections on marketing aids and the business end of things.


Songs of Kiguli

International Edition

Philip Matogo, an instructor at the Kiguli Army Primary School in Kampala, Uganda, began a journey with his students in 2012. By cooperating with PDMI Publishing, a small press in the United States, he was able to share the poetry of his students throughout Uganda and around the world. Before too long the project gained the attention of the public and the leadership of the African country and its neighbors. As the school’s reputation grew, Mr. Matogo was able to attract the participation of Robinswood Middle School, in Orlando, Florida. Through the efforts of teachers Katherine Rascoe and Cindy Marie, the Robinswood students exchanged poetry and greetings with the students in Kampala. Through that correpondence, the students of both schools learned much about each other: what they shared, and what set them apart. This publication showcases some of those insights as the Songs of Kiguli are joined by the voices of Orlando, Florida.

Who I Am Yesterday:

A Path to Coping with a Loved One’s Dementia

This book began as a journal.  Moments alone with myself after trying days while I sorted out the things that went well from the things that were a disaster.  It was my way of dealing with despair and of finding humor wherever it could be found. As friends, co-workers and family members began to read through those early versions the comments became ever more insistent.  “You must share.”  One co-worker wrote me after reading through an early proof and said: “I laughed, I cried and I wanted more.”  And so, I wrote more.  It became my goal to show others that this journey can be enriching; it can be productive.  It is “A” path to coping; not everyone’s path to coping.  Wherever your journey leads you should you face a life with dementia, I hope my little book gives you some comfort, some humor, some sense of where to step next on your own path, whatever the outcome.

Waiting Shadows

Available Nov 22, 2017

Waiting Shadows by D. M. Troxell is a good old fashion Harlequin-type romance. Staged in the modern Colorado Rockies, the author’s love of the terrain and the ranch life portrayed by many a successful western writer combine to bring this story humor, mystery, and romance.

Stacy has lived in the shadows all her life. Her father was a successful western author known for his vibrant descriptions of the ranch lands in the Rockies. He and her mother were inseparable, exhibiting a relationship Stacy herself can only hope for, but is afraid to find.

After losing both parents in quick succession, Stacy determines to take a holiday to hide from the publicity and let the attorneys sort out the estate issues. She returns to the family homestead to work on her thesis and wait out the summer in quiet solitude. What she finds is the aloof and arrogant heir to the bulk of the valley’s wealth – and more shadows than she ever knew existed in her parents’ carefully guarded past.